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WOW moment from St. John’s Tulare, the Children’s Learning Center

We have an amazing preschool here in Tulare. We are told it is the best preschool in town, run by director Jenna Saldivar, with a 3-year waiting list as families are registering their children shortly after leaving the hospital when they are born. Every Thursday morning we have chapel, when I get to interpret the Gospel to 30 congregants who range in age from 2 to 5. It is my favorite time in the week, with this last week being especially good. We have “Cam” who has been with us since he was 2. His bright blue eyes match his smile and there is usually a hand on him because he is so active. I have watched him grow over the past year as he has learned to participate in the service. Last week he turned three, and got to come up to where I sit on the steps at the Altar rail to receive a birthday prayer. Afterward I asked him if he wanted to stay, and with him by my side we started the Lord’s Prayer. I closed my eyes as his voice spoke all the words right along with mine, and mine softened so I could hear him better. It is one of the most amazing sounds there is, the voice of a child praying. We end each chapel service the same way we do on Sunday, with a dismissal in sign language that leaves everyone waving their hands in the air – Alleleuia, Alleleuia.

The Rev. Deacon Teri Van Huss

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