Welcome Our New Diocesan Communication Director

A native of Visalia, Elisabeth Rosenberg Ray is excited to be a part of the Jesus Movement in the Diocese of San Joaquin. Elisabeth holds a Master’s Degree from The Shepherd School of Music at Rice University and completed her undergraduate studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. With a career background on the operatic stage, Elisabeth has performed with Los Angeles Opera, Aspen Opera Center, and Houston Grand Opera. She has also sung as a finalist in several international competitions. A life-long Episcopalian, her singing talents also took her to Episcopal churches all over the country as a guest soloist.

In 2017, Liz began putting her administrative and communication skills to work by assisting Rev. Suzy Ward with the ongoing administrative transition into the 120 N Hall building. Creating social media campaigns to boost the SEO and internet presence of St. Paul’s parish quickly became a passion and provided constant inspiration for other ways to promote the church. Elisabeth has helped the Priest-in-charge with creating a master calendar, room reservation system, repairing electronic equipment, as well as helping to cultivate volunteer committee members.

Elisabeth has also created additional church social media accounts (Instagram, Twitter) to broaden internet presence which involves working with clergy to advertise, promote, and publicize holy days and special events, devising and executing communications campaigns to increase visibility in the surrounding community, supporting special events through the use of social media, developing and leading basic “Social Media 101” trainings, manage the Facebook page, and increase SEO for the church’s website. As a result of these efforts, St. Paul’s has experienced a significant increase in internet engagement as well as maintaining a more active presence across multiple internet platforms. Elisabeth’s varied job experiences have resulted in a unique set of skills that compliments her strengths in graphic design, social media management, networking, and publicity.

As a new staff member of the Diocese of San Joaquin, Elisabeth brings with her extensive experience in supporting the mission, vision, and culture of the Episcopal church through positive communication and leadership, and proactively adjusting and refining strategy as necessary. Elisabeth regularly contributes to the writing, editing and targeted distribution of organizational communications including unique graphic design, social media posts, quotes, and reposting of relevant news releases concerning the national Episcopal Church.

Liz’s other passions include using social media to actively promote body-positivity for women and femmes, advocating for the safety of women in the workplace, animal welfare, closing the gender pay gap, and vegetable gardening.

Elisabeth and her husband Kevin, also a professional opera singer, live in Visalia with their two precious fur babies, Redford and Eleanor.

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