Wear Orange Campaign

Bishops United against Gun Violence (which includes our own Bishop David Rice) has joined with Wear Orange to highlight the nature of Gun Violence in the United States.   The Wear Orange campaign encourages everyone to wear orange on June 2 to demonstrate growing US support to curb gun violence.   The Wear Orange campaign was started after Chicago student Haydia Pendleton was shot.   When describing why they chose to wear orange, Pendleton’s friends commented, Explaining the action, they said, “Orange is used because hunters wear the color to warn other hunters not to shoot. By wearing orange, we are showing others that we are human and wish not be gunned down.”

Bishops United Against Gun Violence urges our cities, states and nation to adopt policies and pass legislation that will reduce the number of Americans killed and wounded by gunfire. These include common sense gun safety measures that enjoy the support of gun owners alike, such as:

    • handgun purchaser licensing
    • background checks on all gun purchasers
    • restrictions on gun ownership by domestic abusers
    • classification of gun trafficking as a federal crime
    • encouragement for the development of “smart gun” technology
    • federal funding for research into gun violence prevention strategies
    • safe storage of firearms

Talking points from the bishops  include data and statistics about gun violence and at-risk populations.   It includes polling surveys on how the public views gun violence.  The Bishop’s Statement  lists the purpose and intent for Bishops United Against Gun Violence.