Time, Talent, and the Love of Children

A photo of Reverend Helen Harper, a woman with glasses gray hair and white earrings wearing a white minister collar and a black robeFrom The Rev. Helen Harper

We, at St. Michael’s, Ridgecrest, recently revitalized our Sunday School program under new leadership. We began by purchasing a wonderful curriculum entitled, Weaving God’s Promises which follows the Episcopal Sunday lectionary. Then changed the traditional name “Sunday School” to Discovery Youth Ministry and raised the age limit to include youth up to 15 years of age. The name Discovery Youth Ministry reflects the fact that we created a calendar of events that go beyond the scope of the Sunday morning curriculum, and includes activities such as: Saturday afternoon bread making — bread that we are now using for Communion.

There are also various service-learning projects and fun events planned with other faith traditions in the area. We want our children to develop a strong knowledge of the liturgy so we have “Children’s Church,” but they will also be participating in liturgy with us on certain Sundays during the year. We have already trained a junior acolyte, aged 9, who made his debut on Sunday, July 2nd.

We think all this is a great example of the stewardship of both time and talent that we are modeling to children, through our commitment to serve them. By trusting in the Spirit and moving out of our comfortable and exclusive Sunday morning slot, we are now free to create and take hold of all opportunities that arise, and incorporate our children into our church, our community of Ridgecrest, and even out in the world.

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