The Pilgrimage of Hope: UPDATE

A drawing of an African American woman hugging her baby Here’s some ways you can participate…

  1. Support the Pilgrimage through the purchase of a hat ($30) or t-shirt ($25) by going to their website.
  2. The Pilgrimage Booklet will be available by the end of April; you will be able to purchase a hard copy ($12) or a digital download ($5) and pray along with the Pilgrims
  3. Want to drive a “runner car”? Check out the route and complete the registration form by April 30.
  4. Want to be a pilgrim? Fill out this registration form.
  5. Want to join us for conversation and Evening Prayer one night? Follow along through social media OR better yet! Join us in person. Check out the route to find that night’s location and then join us at 6:45pm.
  6. We continue to raise funds to support the walk, as well as the Legal Defense Fund. You can make a donation on the website.
  7. Stay tuned for more information and follow us online on the official website.

Calling All Pilgrimage of Hope Runners
The Pilgrimage of Hope Map
The Pilgrimage of Hope Turn by Turn Directions

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