The Pilgrimage of Hope State Capital

We Walk Because They Can’t

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Greetings Sisters and Brothers

The Pilgrimage of Hope has been completed, that is, the 17 day, 225 mile walk from Fresno to Sacramento.   However, I trust you will join with me in acknowledging that the “prayerful work” which the pilgrimage exemplified and reflected most definitely continues.  And so it must as long as any of our Immigrant and Refugee Sisters and Brothers remain voiceless, marginalized and all too often, invisible, we continue on…

There are many to whom I wish to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation, for without you, there would be no pilgrimage.   Firstly, I thank God for prompting and inspiring us to walk the way of Jesus, the way of love, justice and hope. And secondly, to each and every Episcopalian in this place called San Joaquin, thank you.  I am particularly grateful to those who gave extraordinary time, effort and energy in planning this pilgrimage. Your work was, in a word, inspired. To those who walked and drove support vehicles, and there were many, thank you.  And to those who prayed with and for us from home or work or wherever you were, thank you. To our ecclesiastical partners and organizations who so generously engaged in the coordination, hospitality, and care extended before and throughout the pilgrimage, thank you.  To our hosts in Roman Catholic, United Methodists, Lutheran and Episcopal Communities, thank you for your overwhelmingly generous and gracious hospitality and care. To our Sisters and Brothers in our adjoining Episcopal Dioceses, particularly Dio Northern Cal, thank you.  To all those who have and continue to contribute to PoH to cover costs and to support Legal Defense Funds, thank you. And to anyone who participated in the Pilgrimage of Hope, however great or small, thank you, thank you, three times thank you.

Our mantra throughout the pilgrimage was: “We walk because they walk.”  So, yes, the pilgrimage continues, our “prayerful work” continues, the many ways in which we are Called to be… continues…


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The Rt. Rev. David Rice
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin