The Hub

The HUB is a ministry centered at St John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in downtown Stockton.    Helping Urban Bicyclists (HUB) is a concept that is being found in several places around the country, but making its local home in Stockton.

blessing HUBThe intent is to help those who want to use bicycles for local transportation.  In that vein, the HUB helps folks without bikes to get them, and helps those with broken bicycles to get them fixed.   They can also help with punctured tires.

Deacon Stephen Bentley has been instrumental in beginning this ministry in Stockton.   In this picture, he is seen with Bp David Rice for the blessing of the ministry at its Grand Opening event.

The HUB is able to accept donations of new or used bicycles, or used bicycle parts.   Financial donations are also welcome.   Volunteers work with the materials available to help repair or reconditions bicycles to make them road worthy.   They also assist bike owners with making their own repairs, as needed.HUBopening

The bishop is shown here with the clergy from St John’s, and a couple members of the local police force, which is supporting the project.   The HUB is looking for additional volunteers and support throughout the community.