The Friday Reflection – May 18, 2018

By The Rev. Canon Dr. Anna Carmichael

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be part of a conversation hosted at the Cathedral on Active Non-violence. Our facilitator was helping us to imagine ways to put our faith into action following in the footsteps of other great leaders like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and Rosa Parks. At one point, we were asked to share experiences when we had participated in active non-violence, and so I told the story of my recent experience with Deacon Nancy and our Faith in the Valley colleagues at the ICE office here in Fresno.

As you well know, at the Diocesan Convention in October 2017, we passed unanimously an Immigration Task Force resolution that calls the diocese to work on supporting our congregations to find ways to work in our context to support DACA recipients and those who are undocumented. I have been working closely with the co-chairs of that task force, Tom Hampson and Deacon Nancy Key, on educating our clergy on these issues, as well as seeking ways to actively engage in the community. Read more…

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