The Friday Reflection – March 1, 2019

From Bishop David Rice

Bishop David RiceDear Sisters and Brothers of The EDSJ,

This week my heart has ached.  As you have no doubt heard (see the link below from the Washington Post), our United Methodist Sisters and Brothers have ratified status quo.  Actually, they decided during their four-day special session in St. Louis to fortify status quo.  The article from the Washington Post recounts:

“In a contentious meeting years in the making, the United States’ third-largest faith community voted to emphasize its opposition to same-sex marriage and gay clergy – a decision which was cheered by conservatives in the global church, especially in Africa, but was deeply disappointing to many Americans who were eager for change.”

So, as United Methodists voted to maintain opposition to same-sex marriage and gay clergy, my heart ached.  This aching of the heart was and continues to be due to the fact that status quo is rarely the best step forward.  Also, if we truly believe that all are, without exception, People of God, how can we possibly justify and explain such abject exclusion.  And my heart aches because for the last ten years of my life, in two different hemispheres and two different Provinces in the Anglican Communion, I have worked in dialogue groups and coalitions tasked with guiding our churches into full communion.  Again, Sisters and Brothers of The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, my heart will continue to ache and I trust your hearts are feeling similar effects.

Please, let us continue to hold our UM Sisters and Brothers in our prayers.  Let us pray particularly for those who have who have been and continue to be excluded from their church.  Let us pray for that is precisely what we are Called to do and to be…


Link to full Washington Post article on the UMC decision


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