The Friday Reflection – June 1, 2018

From Bishop David Rice

Sisters and Brother throughout the EDSJ

It is my hope you heard somewhere in a sermon last Sunday, Trinity Sunday, references to our Presiding Bishop’s 13 minute and 44 second Homily at the Royal Wedding.

More specifically, I hope you were reminded of the Gospel Message of the Power of Love. Moreover, it is my hope in the same sermon you heard references to numerous subsequent interviews where our PB talked about, with equal eloquence and grace, the Gospel Message of the Power of Love. And I hope in the very same sermon still, you heard references to the Gospel Message of the Power of Love spoken by Michael Curry as he walked with thousands of others to the White House speaking on behalf of the poor, the marginalized, the far-too-often, invisible in our country.

I would suggest, as was evident in my own Trinity Sunday Homily at our Cathedral, when we talk about the nature of God, namely that God is unmistakably, unambiguously, undeniably LOVE, then we are reminded that our very purpose, our very meaning in this life, is to embrace and reflect the Gospel Message of the Power of Love.

EDSJ, if we are not bringing and seeking and yearning that very LOVE, which is God, then let us make that change now! And when we do bring it, and seek it, and yearn it, extraordinary things happen, real change, holy change occurs!

LOVE is most certainly the Way!


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