The Friday Reflection – July 6, 2018

The Most Reverend Edmond Lee Browning
+July 11, 2016
24th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church

Sisters and Brothers,

At the 57th Annual Meeting of the Convention of
The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin we passed a resolution to commemorate The Most Reverend Edmond Lee Browning.

RESOLVED, that the Diocesan Convention requests that the Bishop consent to the establishment of a commemoration of Edmond Lee Browning for optional liturgical observance in this Diocese on July 11, 2017 and annually thereafter, and that the Bishop’s consent being given and obtained, that the Bishop is requested to cause proper prayers and a brief memorial
narrative be composed for liturgical use.

I do so consent such proper prayers and memorials. Attached is a bulletin that includes these prayers and memorial narrative that The Rev. Dr. Michael Backlund wrote and graciously offered for all to use.

Please include in your services and in your hearts and prayers.

+ David

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