Stockton Point in Time Count

The St. Anne’s/St. John’s PIT Count Team:
Back row: Joseph Osborne Schoenleber, Sandra Durkin
Front row: Tom Hampson, Rick Ryan, Bill Schoenleber, Julia Schardt

St. John’s in Stockton hosted the San Joaquin County Point in Time Count (PIT) for the city of Stockton on January 30th. Over 180 volunteers including the mayor and the entire city council gathered in the Fellowship Hall to organize teams, receive area assignments, and pick up incentives (hats, gloves, toiletries, etc.) used to encourage persons without homes to speak with them. Over the course of the morning (from 7:00 AM to Noon) over 800 homeless persons were interviewed. The PIT count is required by the Federal Government to qualify for grants to support homeless response efforts.

Parishioners from St. Anne’s joined with folks from St. John’s as one of the teams conducting the survey. They learned a lot about the circumstances of homeless persons. And they enjoyed it! As Julia Schardt noted, “It was fun!”

The PIT count drew a lot of media attention. All three local networks and the local newspaper covered the event.

The tremendous community support was also shown in the enormous amount of incentive materials donated for the PIT. Even with over 38 teams distributing the hats, gloves, water, toiletries, there was a lot left over.

This overflow was donated to St. John’s and its HUB ministry in thanks for allowing them to use the church as it’s coordination point. Those items will, of course, be given over time to the same folks interviewed for the PIT count.

The PIT count proved to be a great opportunity for St. John’s to join with others in the community concerned about the homeless. To learn more, take a moment to watch this video.

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