Stewardship of Life: A Journey of Faith

Rev Edward Dondi

Rev Edward Dondi

From The Rev. Edward Dondi

St. John the Baptist, Lodi


“In him we live and move and have our being.” Acts 17:28 ESV

The focus of my life and work is ministry to the poor and those tyrannized by injustice. It flows out of Eucharistic worship and the Bible. Taking the mystical Body and Blood of Christ and listening to the Scriptures carries me into the world in the name of Christ.

I was born in Kenya, the eldest of the thirteen children. We lived in small hut homestead in West Nyakach of Lower Kadiang’a village. I grew up in Kisumu, Nyanza province, Western Kenya. My dad was a peasant farmer cum a fisher man; my mother was a fish monger (trader). My parents were very poor but we did not know it and I grew up in a home where there was a lot fun and laughter. I grew up in a world of strict hierarchy, tribal with regard to class and religion. I grew up “knowing my place” which was pretty comfortable but rigid niche in society. Christianity was, and is, for me a way of rescue from the social and political rigidness which people are trapped

The gospel for me has a lot to do with the romance of rescue, with the risk of human encounter. My evangelical roots told me that a Christian is one who has not met one. And I have met some distinguished ones. Those who have blessed me and told me that the worst thing I would face in life was inside me and that St. Francis had a head – on collision with the living God and told me that I should be prepared for some knocks. There were others who loved me and a few who let me down (betrayal is too strong a word), but the overwhelming message was being of love. Even today, the absence of generosity on the part of people of faith is the thing that I find most crippling in my work and journey. For more

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