St. Nicholas

Dear Friends in the Diocese of San Joaquin,

As many of you already know I have spent time in the Land of the Holy one. I spent a year as the Minister of Hospitality at St George’s College in East Jerusalem.

The Christians in the Holy Land are involved in many ministries…churches, schools, hospitals and clinics. Their institutions are open and available to Christians, Muslims and Jews. This is the kind of inter- faith support and cooperation which I believe is commendable and I am eager to support.
One of the delightful ways to support these ministries is to create a service and activities around the Feast of St. Nicholas.

Some of the ways, I have presented this opportunity, are as follow:

…..Have a person dress as Bishop Nicholas and present his stories in the first person…..There are several wonderful stories associated with his ministry and you can find them online or call me and I can share!!! (I have a cope and Miter and am willing to share.)

…After the visit of St. Nicholas I have invited the people/children into the parish hall where we have decorated a Jesse Tree…I have many images which can be colored and decorated for a Jesse Tree.

…..We have often served dinner to the group which has gathered and one of the dinners which has been a favorite is when we have provided pita breads and the pizza toppings of the choice of the children. They bake quickly and most of the children can easily identify the “one I made!”

I will have some supplies for the Feast of St Nicholas, at the American Friends of the Diocese of Jerusalem booth at Convention.

You are welcome to call me for ideas and suggestions if you want to have some awareness of the Christians in the Holy Land….and celebrate the Feast of St. Nicholas….December 6.

Salaam Al Maseeh. Peace in Christ,
Heather Mueller
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

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