School for Deacons/Center for Learning 2017-18

School for Deacons/Center for Learning

School for Deacons/Center for Learning Starting Date September 15-16, 2017

St James Cathedral, Fresno

In this article you will read some of the often posed queries regarding our School for Deacons/ Center for Learning. We hope you find this information sufficient. At the end of this article is the link to the schedule of courses.

School for Deacons

Called to Be…Life Long Learners!

  • Have you ever heard a “Bible quote” in the media and wondered…Is that really in the Bible?
  • Have you ever heard that the Episcopal Church was started by King Henry VIII because he wanted a divorce and wondered… Is that really what happened?
  • Have you ever wanted to go deeper in your spiritual life and wondered…What type of spiritual practices might help me?
  • Have you heard about the Anglicans and wondered…What makes someone an Anglican and why does it matter?
  • Have you ever….

Well…Maybe you are called to be…a participant in The Adult Life-Long Learning Center where you can explore your faith in a safe environment with other adult learners.

What is it?

  • Classes offered include Scripture, Church History, Spiritual Practices, and more.
  • Sessions are facilitated by University professors and ordained clergy.
  • Participants can attend one or more of the classes.

When is it?

  • Classes offered on a monthly basis (third weekends–on Friday evenings and Saturdays) from September 15-16, 2017 to June 15, 2018
  • Some of the classes are offered for the academic year (10 sessions), some for a semester, (5 sessions), others vary week to week.
  • The length of each class ranges from one-half hour to three hours depending upon the subject.

Where is it?

  • Conveniently located in the center of the diocese at St. James Cathedral in Fresno.

How much does it cost?

  • Are you ready for this? We simply ask for a donation as you are able to support the expenses of the school. The facilitators donate their time. You will be responsible for the purchase of your books and supplies from outside vendors.

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I have to write papers? No.
  • Is there work outside of the class? Yes. Depending upon the class, you may read a few pages, to several chapters of Scripture, to a book. You may be asked to try spiritual practices or to reflect on a Christian ethic. Commitments vary according to the class.
  • What is the class schedule for the first year? Click here.
  • How long is the program? Two academic years.
  • Do I need to take the whole program or can I pick and choose what interests me? You can take whatever inspires you. The program repeats every two years.
  • What should I do if I want more information or want to sign up? Email The Rev. Dr. Anna Carmichael.

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