Sanctuary Option #3: Host or sponsor “Know Your Rights” workshops.

From Deacon Nancy
(Article 1 of 2 on this topic)
One response that many churches, non-profit organizations and other groups have made to the deportation crisis is to host Know Your Rights workshops. It is especially helpful to have these workshops in Spanish and any other languages appropriate to your area. It is also helpful, and strongly recommended, to have an attorney specializing in immigration and immigrant rights present.
You may want to search on Google for organizations offering these workshops, then contact them with the offer to support those workshops through providing a location, resources, or other assistance. The next installment of this topic will have specific tips on hosting “Know Your Rights Workshops.”
If your congregation has hosted a Know Your Rights workshop, please let us know.

Know Your Rights Materials
  • “The Red Card” – this card can be pushed under the door in case of an ICE raid. It is a statement that the person is exercising their rights to remain silent, refuse to open door, show ID, etc. It cannot be used if the agent has a valid search warrant. Available in several languages here.
Shared by The Rev. Heather Mueller, a song and video composed by three of her friends. Here’s what Heather says: This song was “penned by three friends of mine who live in California, Colorado and Pennsylvania respectively and together created this masterpiece at a songwriting symposium earlier this year.”
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