Sanctuary [Friday Reflection Article Option #6]

Engage in a rapid response team for immigration raids
For allies of those facing an immigration raid, one way to assist is as part of a rapid response team. Teams have been organized across the nation, often by interfaith coalitions supported by community organizers such as PICO.
Rapid response teams serve many purposes:
  • Demonstrate solidarity with those in fear through prayerful ministry of presence
  • Prayerful witness of deportation actions through video and note documentation;
  • Shine a light on what happens in an ICE raid
As with all of activities we have presented, training with the participation of an attorney specializing in immigration matters should precede any participation in a rapid response team. In our diocese, Faith in the Valley organizations are active in larger communities, and have provided excellent leadership in providing training and coordination for Rapid Response Teams.
Some notes of caution:
  1. Training with consultation of an immigration attorney is an essential first step.
  2. Do not interfere, physically, verbally, or with your body language. The primary purpose is to stand in prayerful witness and to document.
  3. If questioned, state that you are an observer.
  4. DO NOT assert yourself as a representative of any of the parties involved.
  5. Try to determine what the family needs, and relay the information back to dispatch.
  6. NEVER post anything online, which could have serious consequences.
  7. Do not give the family false hope
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