Revival Ingatherings

Matthew 6:21 reads, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It’s a line we like to pull out during stewardship season, and then we tuck it away again until the next season. This past “stewardship season” included the Revival with Presiding Bishop Curry, and we were invited, for three days, to talk about how God is calling us to be a safe place for all of God’s people. That’s important, powerful and holy HEART work. And not what we always think about in terms of stewardship.

However, along with that HEART work, you also dug deep into your treasure, as a means by which to continue that work that God is calling us to. And we are grateful!

On Friday night, at University of the Pacific, we raised $1,954.67 to support our ministry partners, Faith in the Valley, in their work on immigration reform and support for DREAMERS.

On Saturday afternoon, at St James Cathedral, we raised $1,328.07 which was divided up between United Thank Offering ($696.07), Episcopal Relief and Development Fund ($316), and the Emergency Relief Fund for EDSJ ($316).

On Sunday morning, at St Paul’s Bakersfield, you were generous enough to support the various food ministries around the diocese. The collection of $1,924.50 will be split between the 6 parishes that were supported by UTO grants: St John’s Stockton, St James Fresno, St Paul’s Bakersfield, St Andrew’s Taft, Church of Our Saviour Hanford, and St Michael’s Ridgecrest ($320.75).

Your HEART and your treasure are helping us to put into action what God is calling us to do…to be a safe place for all of God’s people.

Thank you for your generosity!
Cn. Anna, on behalf of the Revival Team

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