Returning Church St. Paul’s, Visalia Homecoming

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St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
  lovingly called  “The Brick Church”
The people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Visalia would like to invite the Diocese to come and celebrate this homecoming with a special community service to be held on Sunday, August 27 at 3 PM. At this service we are inviting our community partners to help us celebrate and share the opening of this space. Bishop David Rice will be on hand to help us bless our vision of seeing this place as an asset that can be developed for the good of the whole community.
120 North Hall ,Visalia, CA

August 1, 2017 will always be remembered as the day the people of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church returned to their historical home at 120 N. Hall. After many years of waiting, August 6 will be the congregation’s first service back in what we lovingly call “The Brick Church.”  These

first few days have been filled with assessing the property, changing and establishing new utility services, cleaning and preparing, but we are home!

St Paul's Episcopal Church, Visalia

St Paul’s Episcopal Church, Visalia

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