News from San Joaquin Refugee and Immigrant Support and Empowerment(SJRAISE)

Since returning from the Pilgrimage of Hope, our work with Immigrants and refugees in the Central Valley has only intensified.  With the current concerns of ICE raids in our communities, with ongoing stories of children becoming sick (and some dying) while in detention, and the message from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on our response to our neighbors in need, we know that we have work to do.

We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some ways in which you can contribute to the work of advocating for the vulnerable in our neighborhoods.

  • Faith in the Valley is seeking to increase the number of people who volunteer to serve as on-call observers to ICE raids and to support families who’ve had someone detained. Several persons across the Diocese have already signed up, but more are needed.  The following article from Valley Public Radio News elaborates. 
  • The Resource Guide for Immigrant Stocktonians is the result of a collaboration between the San Joaquin Immigrant Integration Collaborative and Mayor Michael Tubbs’ office.  Most of the material is relevant to any of the communities in our Diocese.  The Collaborative was a valued partner in our Pilgrimage of Hope effort.  Take a look!  It could be adapted for other communities without much difficulty.
  • Spend time on the “Resources” section of the website.  There are lots of materials there for allies and concerned citizens to learn about the issues facing immigrants and refugees.
  • Donate to the Legal Defense Fund, which assists those who are working towards a pathway to citizenship.  You can make a donation by visiting
  • Attend diocesan convention and learn about our work and ministry in the community!

If you would be willing to serve as a member of the Valley Watch Network, please contact either Tom Hampson or Deacon Nancy Key Deacon Nancy Key – the co-chairs of the Diocesan Immigration Task Force (SJRaise).  Please indicate your community and your parish in the email. 

Thanks for considering this request!

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