Ministry is what you do with your life in Christ – every day – everywhere.  

The church has often gotten so caught up in its own language and internal organization that we can lose sight of this important fact.   Ministry is service for the Reign of God in the world about us.   We are called to this service when we are baptized, whether as infants, as children, or as adults.  The way in which we show God’s love to others can vary depending on age and circumstance, but we are called to service.

It may be as simple as being a friend to those who need friendship.  It may involve providing necessities of life to those in need (like food, water, or clothing).   It may involve teaching, or nursing, or counseling, or engineering, or agriculture, or…

Ministry/Service is a way of expressing to others who you are Called to Be.   Sometimes the ministry we offer is shared with other people from our church community as a group.  Sometimes it is done quietly on our own.   Sometimes the ministry occurs in our daily life and work – or to look at it from the other side – our work is our ministry.

Discovering who you are Called to Be is a lifetime exploration.  It often changes over time.  Like offering our praises and prayers to God, it is best done in the context of community, with others for support and encouragement, with others to share the journey.

As you explore the possibilities with others in the church community, you may find opportunities to get involved with others for service projects – both inside and outside the church community.

One of the ways in which some people in our churches demonstrate their service is by having a simple bag prepared to give to those in need.  People in every community can discover what some of the simple needs are, but basic toiletries like soap and toothpaste, or socks, or a simple blanket in colder weather can make a difference to many of our neighbors who are living on the street or in their cars.   We have developed a simple yellow bag to hold these items.  Read some of the stories of the bag.

Helping Urban Bicyclists has recently opened at the Episcopal Church of St John the Evangelist in Stockton.