From St. Paul’s, Visalia

This reflection is from Visalia’s Project Homeless Connect which occurred last Thursday, January 24. This is an annual, one-day event to provide homeless individuals with direct services. Carole Miller, Cynthia Thorburn, Fawn Pender, Barbara Gross and Paula Linihan all volunteered. Following the “Way of Love”, they blessed others while being blessed by those they assisted.
The Rev. Suzy Ward

A really good day had by all yesterday!

I volunteered for this annual one-day event organized by the Kings/Tulare Homeless Alliance. The Rev. Suzy of St. Paul’s assigned me to haircuts, where Erica, a LVN student at COS, and I signed and lined up some 75 adults and several children for trims and some transformations! No one was rushed through. Their haircut, beard trim, braids took as long as it needed to do them right. Michael, a formidable man in fatigues, was first in line.

Carol Miller

I cared for their puppy Trouble while Victoria and Joseph were getting haircuts. He had that 2mo puppy smell, so soft and warm and HEAVY after an hour or so….He amused himself chewing on my nose and chin and plopping big paws in my face.

Carol Miller loved every minute; then, I offered my arms and lap and a long drink of water to another little dog while her mom got a makeover. Trouble got his first shots and microchip by veterinary services there too! Haircuts groomed the shaggy to find jobs and just feel better about themselves. Moreover, they enjoyed the experience of just being touched and personally fussed over for awhile. Content!

[If I were the “dog whisperer” as I was dubbed by some folks there who shelter nights at St. Paul’s Warming Center, my Shilo pup would hear me…He does not listen!]

Barbara, Paula and Fawn in background sharing books…

It occurred to me that Elijah could’ve gotten Bandit and her pups vaccinated and microchipped there too. Any possibility he was there?

Project Homeless Connect

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