Friday Reflection: September 20, 2019

From Deacon Terrance Goodpasture

St Francis with animals

How much do you know about St. Francis?

Your parish might bless animals every year around October 4, the feast day of St. Francis, and many of us place his statue in our gardens to remind us that he loved all God’s creatures, as should we.

But there is so much more to this beloved saint. Although St. Francis lived some 800 years ago, even today he inspires people of faith to follow in his path.

Did you know, for example, there are Episcopal Franciscans who live in the world-in their own homes and professions–as lay or clergy, married or single people in the Third Order Society of St. Francis (TSSF)? And that TSSF is an international religious order embraced by Anglicans worldwide?

Members of the Third Order dedicate their lives to Christ and live by a Rule of Life patterned on the principles by which St. Francis lived.

If you want to go deeper in your life as a Christian, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the Third Order of St. Francis at Or speak to Deacon Terrance Goodpasture he is a member of the Order and would love to introduce you to what he has learned about living a life dedicated to Christ in prayerfulness, study, simplicity, and care for creation-and doing so in St. Francis’s singular spirit of love, joy, and humility.

What is the Third Order Society of St. Francis?  Find out more at Contact Deacon Terrance at

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