Friday Reflection: On Purpose

From The Rt. Rev’d David Rice

As our Presiding Bishop expresses in his Easter message, it wasn’t simply by chance Jesus was in Jerusalem on that first Palm Sunday, he wasn’t on holiday and he certainly wasn’t hanging out. He was there on purpose.

I’ll come back to purpose in a moment.

I was particularly pleased to hear Michael Curry speak about the resurrection as “love winning.” Now I’m not suggesting for a moment that our PB pinched this language from me. Furthermore, I’m not altogether sure when I first started using it. I suspect I pinched it from another somewhere along the way. But I’ve been talking about Easter, more specifically, the reality of God, as love winning, for number of years. And if you think about it, love winning is consistent with our understanding and experience of God. God is love. God overcomes death by resurrecting Jesus thus resurrecting life itself. God resurrects our lives, therefore love wins!

Sisters and brothers of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin, I pray that you hear and consider and respond to this simple Easter message.
As it was for Jesus, that he wasn’t simply in Jerusalem by chance on that first Palm Sunday, may it be that it is not by chance that we are here. May it be that we are here on purpose too. And wherever we are, may it be that our thoughts, our feelings, our words, our actions, our very lives reflect our acknowledgement and understanding that love actually does win, that Jesus has been resurrected, thus our lives are resurrected too. So act like it!

EDSJ, the very best way to ensure that we are actually living into and contributing to this winning love is to bring only love into every situation and every circumstance and every encounter in our lives. It is only love which can truly reflect God and truly reflect our real purpose in being here. If we are reflecting anything else, we are wasting our time, more poignantly, wasting God’s time.
Be here on purpose, Easter People, and may our singular purpose be to reflect God, namely, to bring love.

Easter Blessings one-and-all!


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