Friday Reflection – October 25, 2019

This weekend we will celebrate the 60th Annual Convention of The Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin! This convention is not just for those who attend, rather, it is the work of the entire diocese. Each of you reading this is being welcomed into this convention weekend, whether in body, mind, or spirit, to seek where God has Called us to Be… Travelers on the road. 

Photo of Bishop David Rice in Church

Welcome, welcome, three times welcome Sisters and Brothers to The 60th Annual Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin.  

These last six decades have seen innumerable twists and turns, ups and downs, and sometimes seismic directional shifts in the life of this diocese.  And extraordinarily enough, namely and quite simply, by the very grace of God, we are still here.  San Joaquin, we are far more than simply still here, we are emerging in ways that only God could possibly fathom or forecast.  Our many emergences form a wonderful commentary on the resilience, courage, and faithful willingness to follow Jesus into often uncertain and uncomfortable circumstances.  And the Holy Spirit continues to stir our hearts, our imaginations and our increased inclination to see those who so often go unseen.  In a word, San Joaquin, our most significant emergence is living into and fostering The Way of Love in our broader neighborhoods and communities. 

And so, we pray that our next six decades will be years of equal resilience, courage and faithful willingness to follow Jesus. And we give thanks for those who have gone before us, for our Beloved Community in the here-and-now, and those who will follow. 

Again, welcome to Convention and Blessings San Joaquin,  

The Rt. Rev. David Rice

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