Friday Reflection November 22, 2019

For some, certainly perhaps those of a particular vintage (read generation), the day refers to the early beginnings of this country and stories of hospitality.  Unfortunately for others, often of a different vintage (again read generation), all historical revision aside, the day points to eventual cultural abuse.

On a far lighter note, for others, the day is about a variety of parades on the tele, possibly local versions as well, and a distinct giving-way-to and foreshadowing of the season which follows (and know I’m not referring to Advent, as it simply doesn’t hold the place we “church-ed people” would like for culture at large), that is, the season of Ho-Ho-Ho, Santa Claus, Bing Crosby, A Christmas Story or Elf (again read generational) and the like.  This seasonal foreshadowing about which I write, better said, the announcement of that which to come, is no more evident than the fact that Father Christmas brings up the rear in each of those parades.  


And finally, for others and I suspect for most who live in a context where it is observed, the day which is called Thanksgiving has everything to do with an abundance of food and drink, if we are so fortunate, and equally so fortunate, a gathering of family and friends.

From my theological perspective, as you know, that is my craft, I would suggest the very best thing we can do on this day which supposedly has something to do with offering appreciation,  is to offer gratitude for what is typical for many of us and that is abundance.  So we give thanks to God for our lives, for our relationships, for what we have and, wait for it, to acknowledge that this Thanks-Giving requires that we somehow ensure that others have the same access and opportunity to/for the abundance for which we give thanks.

And so…

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Thanks-Giving San Joaquin

Blessings +David 

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