Friday Reflection: November 2, 2019

One of the measures I have come to employ concerning the enjoyment, efficacy and empowerment of an Annual Convention is the increased number of dancers on a Friday night.  I am pleased to announce for those of you who were unable to attend AC #60, there was a substantial increase of dancers on the floor busting moves this year!  And yes, clearly, a good time was shared by all.  We thoroughly enjoyed good food, fine drink, great conversation and this enjoyment was evident, as I said, on the dance floor, around the campfire or simply sitting at table with mates taking it all in.  A memorable Friday of AC it was.

The Convention Eucharist was lovely on the Saturday morning and the “Ministry Moments” were informative and inspiring (deep thanks to our presenters).

The afternoon Business Session was straightforward enough and delegates and observers displayed an appreciative and attentive manner to one another and the parliamentary process.  The learning from this session continues to be how we can streamline and expedite the voting process.  And, wait for, get that right, we will.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for everyone involved in the preparation for and the running of Annual Convention #60. There are too many of you to name, suffice it to say you are all rockstars.

In conclusion, I hope our dancing increases. I hope the appreciative and attentive manner in which we welcome and engage one another grows. And I hope that we will continue to be faithful travelers on the road.
Blessings +David 

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