Friday Reflection – June 21, 2019

From The Rev. Canon Anna Carmichael

Headshot of Rev Canon Anna Carmichael

My sisters and brothers,

Did you know there are 14 references to dancing before or because of God in the Hebrew Scriptures? For example, Ecclesiastes 3:4 reminds us that there is a time to mourn and a time to dance.

You may have seen during the Pilgrimage of Hope that there was a lot of dancing going on. We danced each night, partly because we were delirious from exhaustion, and partly because the weight of the Pilgrimage, the reason we were walking-advocating for a more just and humane immigration system-could really be hard on the soul. Our purpose in walking became reinforced through the stories we heard along the way, the farm workers we encountered under the hot sun, and the desperation of families seeking to stay together and have a better life.

And so we danced.

Abstract painting of two dancers

This past Sunday I was grateful to be at St Paul’s Modesto where, together, we wrestled with the idea of the Trinity. As we all know, we are believers in a Triune God, but how that shared economy works out can be a bit confusing and seem so distant from our right here, right now, reality. So for me, the big takeaway of Trinity Sunday is that the Triune God exemplifies for us how to be in relationship with each other-supporting ministry, encouraging each other, loving one another.

So what on earth does the Triune God have to do with dancing on the Pilgrimage of Hope? Jeff Paschal stated, “The triune God is a joyous, dancing God who pours out overflowing gifts to humanity with gladness”. Think about it! The triune God is a joy, dancing God. As I read that, I thought, “well, there you go…God was dancing along with us during the Pilgrimage.” And it led me to wonder: Where do we experience this joyous dancing God in our lives? When in our lives have we been bold truth-tellers, creative artisans, clear-sighted and discerning (aspects, I believe of the Triune God)? When have we been hope-filled, love-bearers, peace makers?

Yes, Trinity Sunday has come and gone again for another liturgical season, but I believe that the Triune God is still dancing with us. Will you join the dance?

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