Friday Reflection – July 19, 2019

Boy digging in a ditch

Labor of Love at ECCO: A Reflection and an Invitation June 7 – 9 seems like a blur and so long ago with all the summer frenzy! Yet it was only a month ago when folks throughout the diocese got together at ECCO our (Episcopal Conference Center at Oakhurst), to spruce up the grounds. There were as many work opportunities as ability levels, truly something for everyone.

Taking advantage of the gracious offer of free room and board, including delicious hearty meals, over 20 individuals took time to enjoy the grounds while taking pride in that which unites our diocese. Think about it, ECCO brings our diocese together at the Annual Convention, and offers opportunities for groups and individuals to use its facilities throughout the year. We take pride in our center and the beauty gifted to us by God. Thus, we are called to take care of this gift and make it accessible to all. 

Most of all, we are called to join with our brothers and sisters to use ECCO for prayer, learning, and exploring, leaving the rush of our daily lives behind.So what did we do? We cleared paths of overgrown branches, prepared paths for various levels of hiking, weeded and planted flowers, mulched areas, cleaned windows, worked on a culvert to the main pond, constructed a Z-gate for hiker safety on an new trail, and dreamed of what can be, to name a few.

Working side by side with friends, making new ones, breaking bread, learning new skills, and having time to relax were all worthwhile. More than anything else, I left with a sense of pride I got from seeing the completed work. Now I feel that I am part of ECCO and ECCO of me. I feel a sense of responsibility to maintain the beauty with which God has blessed our diocese. I’m sure that my fellow brothers and sisters who gave their time feel the same. There will be many more opportunities to spend a free weekend in giving time to God’s creation for our use. Are you ready to join us? Are you ready to thank God for this jewel with your hands? 
Be part of the Labor of Love.

Wil Colón.

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