Friday Reflection – August 30, 2019


Father John H. Shumaker, Saint Matthew’s Church, San Andreas

Who is our neighbor?
Each of us have answers to that question, different from one another….more than I can mention here. Your neighbor can be a good friend, someone who lives next-door, a total stranger that you see every once-and-a-while when you wave hello heading in different directions.

We are to model our love for one another on the unconditional love that Jesus Christ has for each one of us. We can only love God to the extent that we love one another. If we can’t love our brother or sister who we can see, then how can we love God whom we cannot see?

The love of neighbor (others), the love we have one another, is a picture of how we love God. The extent that we do not love, or even hate, someone else….shows the extent of the depth that limits our love for God.

Our love for one another is an outward and visible sign of the love we have for God. As Christians, how neighborly are we, how loving are we, in our daily commitment to Jesus Christ.?

I remember when I was quite a bit younger, that my mother use to rehearse a little poem to me every once-in-a-while:

‘What you are speaks so loud, that the world can’t hear what you say. They are looking at your walk, not listening to your talk; and they’re judging from you actions every day.”

Who is my neighbor?

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