Friday Reflection, August 23, 2019

Dear Sisters and Brothers, and Friends of San Joaquin,

Photo of Bishop David Rice in Church

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the results of the search process for our new Diocesan Administrator. As we have reported at Deanery meetings, and at Diocesan Council and Standing Committee meetings, we received approximately 30 applications for the Diocesan Administrator position. These were all well qualified individuals with backgrounds in human resources, bookkeeping and administration. The Canon and I enjoyed meeting several really excellent candidates during the interview process, however what we discovered is that these candidates lacked one critical piece…an awareness of The Episcopal Church.

While this is not an insurmountable issue, when we considered the added learning curve of understanding our polity and structure, we made a decision to try a different approach to the Diocesan Administrator position.

Angela Lerena, a candidate for ordination to the transitional diaconate in the Diocese of Idaho, came recommended to our office by her bishop. Angela has had experience with parish administration, has started her own business on Etsy making clergy stoles, and has recently graduated from Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley. She is enthusiastic, a quick learner, and has a compassionate spirit, as well as administrative skills, especially in the areas of organization, marketing, communications and computer proficiency.

After much discernment on all of our parts, we have decided to create a unique situation with Angela as our Diocesan Administrator. Monday through Friday, she will serve as the administrator and my Executive Assistant, and on the weekends she will serve as a curate for St James Cathedral. This will allow Angela to continue her formation as she works towards ordination, it will continue to strengthen the cathedral’s identity as a place of learning and formation, and it will provide us with the much needed Diocesan Administrator who has an understanding of The Episcopal Church.

In our conversations with Angela, we agreed that she would serve the diocese in this capacity for a minimum of three years. This, of course, could be extended if it is mutually agreeable.

We are very excited, and we trust you will be as well, to welcome Angela and her husband, Rico, to Fresno and the Diocese of San Joaquin on September 9. As part of her training, she will attend the Episcopal Business Administrator’s Conference (EBAC) at the end of September. Financial matters will continue to be handled by the treasurer, and we ask that you “cc” the Canon on emails to Angela for the first few months as part of her training.

Please see the attached biography of Angela and help us welcome her to San Joaquin.


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