Statewide Action to End Family Separation & Incarceration of Our Children
Friday, June 22nd + Saturday, June 23rd + Sunday, June 24th
US / Mexico International Border in San Diego, CA

We have been watching in horror the images of children ripped from their parents at the border and many are asking: “What can we do?” At Faith in the Valley, we are joining thousands of faith leaders and partners from across the state this weekend to converge on the ‘family separation zone’ for prayer, lamentation, protests and other action. We are demanding that families be reunited.

Faith in the Valley is excited to gather a powerful delegation from the Central Valley to join our PICO CA affiliates in San Diego. We are organizing caravans that are set to leave from each of our counties Friday morning. We want you to be a part of this powerful historic event. Please reach out directly to your Faith in the Valley organizer today to join us or email Ariana for more information.

If you are moved to support in this moment but are unable to join us in the #Freedom4OurChildren action this weekend, we invite you to contribute to our travel and food cost at this link.

PICO CA: We will not stand by while children are traumatized and families are separated in our name.

We are calling upon THOUSANDS of clergy, faith leaders, tribal elders, allies and partners to join us THIS WEEK in the family separation zone, where state-sponsored traumatization and family separation is taking place.

We are working closely with our allies across the state to organize a weekend of faithful action and resistance:

  • Friday, June 22nd (5PM): Dinner, Interfaith Prayer Service and Call to Action at Our Lady of Mount Caramel (2020 Alaquinas Dr., San Ysidro, CA 92173)
  • Friday, June 22nd (evening): lodging in church hall at Our Lady of Mount Caramel (bring your sleeping bags)
  • Saturday, June 23rd (morning): training and preparation meeting at our Lady of Mount Caramel Morning prayer, lamentation, and action at Mexico/US border wall
  • Saturday, June 23rd (midday): protest in family separation zone
  • Saturday, June 23rd (evening): candlelight vigil in family separation zone
  • Sunday, June 24th: action continues (subject to change)

We NEED YOU to be there in San Diego with us THIS WEEKEND. As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The time comes when we must ask ourselves a different question-if we do NOT stop to help these men and women, what will happen to them.”

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