Forms & Documents

Bishop’s Visitation

Pre-Epsicopal Bishop Visitation Checklist – (PDF)
Confirmation Record – (PDF)
Missional Day Visitation – (PDF)
Pre-Canon Visitation Checklist – (PDF)


Annual Meeting Reports

The Certificate of Lay Delegates – (PDF)
Congregational Contact Information – (PDF)
Certificate to Replace a Lay Delegate – (PDF)


DioSJ Paper Remittance Form – (PDF)
Treasurers Monthly Report Master– (XLS)
2019 Tax Reporting Guidelines – (PDF)
Annual Congregational Management Review – (PDF)
The Episcopal Church Manual of Business Methods in Church Affairs – (PDF)

Parochial Reports

Online filing needs to be completed by March 1, 2017.

2018 Parochial Report (PDF)

General Instructions for the 2018 Parochial Report (PDF)
2018 Parochial Report – Page 2 Workbook (PDF)
2018 Parochial Report – Page 3 Workbook (PDF)

Beginning in mid-December, more information can be found at the Episcopal Church website

Disaster Preparedness

Diocesan Congregational Basic Bronze Plan 2018 (PDF)

Steps Toward Ordination

Steps Toward Ordination – (PDF)


Marriage Consent – (PDF)
Request for Consultation and Consent of Marriage – (PDF)

Church Pension Group

Forms for issues relating to Clergy Pensions (Change of Address, Change of Compensation, New Assignment notice) can be found at the Church Pension Fund website. Information about lay pension plans can be found on that same page.

There is a general page to search for documents, including links to the most requested forms.