Epiphany Greetings San Joaquin!

On the concluding night of our Advent Clergy Conference, during casual evening conversation, I mentioned to our colleagues a yearning to walk in the diocese in 2019. And where that conversation led pleased and surprised me greatly, not to mention, reminded me of the undeniable power of the Holy Spirit. And this is the result of the Spirit’s prompting: San Joaquin’s Pilgrimage of Hope.

Beginning May 5, following Eucharist and a blessing at St James Cathedral in Fresno, pilgrims will begin the walk to Sacramento where we will converge with other faith communities, California Dioceses, immigrants, and concerned citizens on May 20 at our state capital to acknowledge and celebrate California’s Day of the Immigrant.
The impetus for and purpose of our Pilgrimage of Hope is to raise awareness regarding our immigrant sisters and brothers, to celebrate the gifts and contributions they make to our communities, and to provide advocacy for immigrant rights.

I do not anticipate this pilgrimage requiring any budgetary amendment for San Joaquin. I have every confidence that whatever funding is required to enable this pilgrimage will come from local agencies and communities, and the existing relationships we continue to foster. It will require that San Joaquin, as we did in 2015 with the Tour Against Trafficking, provide hospitality and to engage in any way we are led. I hope the Spirit’s leading will be for you to walk along with us as an outward and visible sign of the ways we are Called to be…in this place. As this is a pilgrimage, we anticipate this to be a constant liturgical action, in other words, as we walk and as we stop to rest, we will intentionally offer prayer, praise, and reflect the Jesus Movement in very obvious ways.

I invite you to begin to pray for San Joaquin’s Pilgrimage of Hope 2019.

New Year’s Blessings,

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