ECCO Update

As Christians, we almost instinctively go about doing things in ways that are helpful and beneficial to others without considering the example that we create in doing so.

The food service staff members at ECCO do a remarkable job preparing delicious meals for guests three times a day. This time of year, a good deal of produce that is served comes directly from the ECCO garden. No matter how well meals are planned, left-over food is a reality. While many items can be re-incorporated into the menu, others cannot and many of those support St. Raphael’s at ECCO’s feeding programs for the community, homeless, and seniors. The remaining scraps go into a refrigerated bin and is used by a local farmer to feed his pigs.

A recent Road Scholar program guest complimented ECCO on its “Zero Waste Food-stream Program”. It was an interesting perspective and it opened a door to another way that we may help guests connect to how ECCO Cares for Creation.

More than 1,850 personnel are working to control the Ferguson Fire which is burning in the Sierra National Forest bordered by the communities of Incline, Jerseydale, and Yosemite West, north of Mariposa.

Those on the fire lines wear heavy protective clothing in 100-degree weather, carry up to 45 pounds of gear, and work long tiring shifts. It is hazardous work, and sadly, one local firefighter has died in a dozer rollover while cutting fire line.

ECCO is providing its available rooms to fire crews. They may pull in at 9 p.m. following long day shifts or at 9 a.m. following long night shifts. To a one, they are dirty, exhausted, and thankful for a shower and a bed having often slept previous days or nights on the ground. The kitchen laundry room provides a place for them to wash their soiled clothing. Many are hundreds of miles from their homes working tirelessly to protect the lives and properties of people they will never meet. Their selfless service is an inspiration and their displays of appreciation for the seemingly little things that we are able to do to help is humbling. This is how we live into the call to love one another.

Steve Rummage, Director of ECCO

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