Diocesan School for Deacons & Center for Learning New Academic Year Begins Sept 15

Bishop David Rice has approved a revised program for the diocesan formation and education program that will begin its new year on September 15, 2018, on the site of our St. James’ Cathedral in Fresno. The school is open to all adults who wish to grow in their knowledge of the faith, to gain a deeper understanding of our Sacred Scriptures, traditions, and ecclesial mandate to be “present” in Jesus’ Name to the world. The “new” School for Deacons and Center for Learning incorporates some of the current “best thinking” on diaconal formation programs for aspirants, as well as the nationally defined proficiencies published by the Episcopal Association of Deacons. Simultaneously, all adults who are interesting in auditing courses within the curriculum are welcome and encouraged to do so, thus allowing the diocese to support, enhance and grow the all-important priesthood and ministry of the laity.

All necessary information about the curriculum, calendar and registration may be accessed on the diocesan website.
Extensive information is available on this link.

Bishop David has appointed The Reverend Nick Lorenzetti, priest-in-charge at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Modesto, California, as the Director of the School. Nick would be happy to speak with anyone who wishes to learn more about our school, ask questions, or seek help. He may be reached at julested3320@gmail.com or: 209-522-3267 (St. Paul’s) or 856-278-3949 (cell). Faculty members at the school at this point include: Bishop David Rice, Rev. Dr. Canon Anna Carmichael, Fr. Lorenzetti, Dr. Marshall Johnston, Deacon Carolyn Woodall, Deacon Teri Van Huss, and Deacon Nancy Key.

We are delighted that Fr. Samuel Bonilla, who has been given the responsibility by the Episcopal Church in the United States to create a curriculum for those whose first language is Spanish, has contacted the Diocese of San Joaquin, asking for our curriculum. Yes, the Diocese of San Joaquin is on the radar screen of the church yet again, and in a most positive way!

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