Because We Are One

During the earlier weeks of June, Wilson Colón and I had the to spend time with children in a refugee center in East Los Angeles. There we met and learned the plight of a young mother, Olinda, and her
daughter Daylia, who wish to apply for asylum in the United States.

Olinda wears an ankle bracelet, for which the government charges her $450 per month. Yet she is not allowed to work. The Methodist Church family pays this cost. But there are no funds available for her to pay the retainer needed to acquire legal

The family of faith at St. Paul’s, Modesto, as part of their “St. Paul’s Outside the Walls” ministry, is sending the monies needed to begin the legal process. We recognize the great need within our own Stanislaus County for such help, and thus the congregation is gifting Faith in the Valley with $6,800 to establish a previously non-existent legal defense fund.

We share this information not to brag or boast in any way, but to encourage our sister parishes in the Diocese of San Joaquin to consider contributing what they are able for this cause.

Jeni Statzer, our parish administrator, can provide contact info for both the refugee center and for Director Andy Levine of Faith in the Valley. Faith in the Valley for the Modesto-Stockton area will now have an office
at St. Paul’s, Modesto. Blessings on your summer days!

With brotherly love,
Nick Lorenzetti

Jeni Statzer can be reached at 209-522-3267

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