Are you Called to Be in governance in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin?

Are you Called to Be in governance in the Episcopal Diocese of San Joaquin?

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Nominations are now open DUE September 10 for Bishop David’s council of advice – the Standing Committee – and for the Diocesan Council, which is responsible for financial matters and budgeting for the Diocese.

You can submit a nomination (for yourself or someone else) by filing out and submitting this Nomination Form.

Not sure about the duties and responsibilities, and if it’s a good fit? Take a look at the Nomination Memo for detailed information as you discern your call.

This year we are Called to Be…Travelers on the Road. Perhaps that road is taking you to Baltimore in 2021 for the 80th General Convention of The Episcopal Church as a Deputy for the Diocese of San Joaquin! Our Diocese is looking for 8 lay people and 8 clergy to form our Deputation for this next triennium. You could participate in the shaping of our Church’s future and meet your Episcopal siblings from 17 different countries! Nominations are open until September 10th. Follow the links above for more details, to download your form, or contact the Chair of Nominations, Cindy Smith, at for any questions.

Per Canon IX, Sec. 9.02 Deanery Members of Council. Six (6) of the members of Diocesan Council shall be elected by the Deanery Council of the Deaneries of the Diocese, one (1) clerical member and one (1) lay member from each Deanery. The Deanery Council meeting preceding the annual Convention there shall be elected one (1) Presbyter or Deacon, and one (1) lay member to Diocesan Council from two (2) of the Deaneries. These elections shall rotate among the Deaneries in such a manner so that a Deanery will only be electing one member at a time. Elections are due as follows:

  • Northern Deanery: No elections due
  • Central Deanery: One (1) Clergy Member – Class of 2022
  • Southern Deanery: One (1) Lay Member – Class of 2022


  1. Hi – Alexis and I were traveling from mid-August until last Thursday – Hence I missed the nomination deadline for Standing Committee. Is there any chance I can submit late? Or will there be nominations from the floor? I am a current member whose term is expiring.

    Thanks & Blessings –

    Fr. Bob Woods

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